Dagens bild: Faye Daniels (111213)

Den här bilden ackompanjeras av en text:

So….Kate West Told Me To Give No Fucks

And here it is, me, naked in my moms living room in a pose I’ve never tried before. This is a whole set and as I post the rest over the next couple of days you’ll be able to see why this is “no fucks”.

I am not wearing make up.

I did not do my hair.

I am naked – no lingerie, no heels, nothing to give me a more feminine touch.

I never wear my hair up in photos because I hate my chubby cheeks, I wear it up here.

This…is not my house. It’s my moms, I took these while they were out – sneaky sneaky. Nothing like being naked on someone else’s furniture.

I tried to do everything I could think of in the situation to take me out of my comfort zone. While I am very much naked all over the internet and am very comfortable in my own nudity there are still things that I hide behind. In these…I am not hiding.

(Källa: ”The Daring Miss Daniels” och här finns alla bilderna i serien)

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