Sexnovell på engelska: ”I want some attention”

Fick den här sexnovellen skickad till mig av Porrtrollet, som skrivit den och även publicerat den på sin blogg. Den har ett tema av dominans och lydnad vilket inte intresserar mig personligen, men det finns säkert massor med människor därute som gillar den, t.ex. Sheila 🙂


-I want some attention, she complained, I’m bored.
As quick as the eye her toy was there, kneeling in front of her.
-I am here Ma’am.
-Good boy, always so eager to obey.
She patted him on his head.
-Thank you Ma’am.
-Now, what should I do with you?
-What ever you wish Ma’am, I am here for your pleasure.
-Of course Ma’am.
He started to remove his sweater and t-shirt.
-It pleases me to see your body. And I don’t think you should hide any part of it from me.
– I am yours to watch, if so you wish Ma’am.
-Do you like being watched?
-Yes Ma’am. Only by you, though.
-That is not really up to you. I can show my pretty boy to anyone I wish.
-Yes Ma’am, of course.
He bowed down and continued to remove his pants and underwear.
-Now come here, sit next to me and let me play with you.
-Yes Ma’am.
He sat down next to her in the couch and she put her left arm around his shoulders. With her right hand she started to stroke his stomach. He closed his eyes and sighed happily.
-Feeling your hands on my body is always so erotic, thank you Ma’am.
-Your welcome boy.
She ran her fingers through his hair, touched his nipples and listened as his breathing grew heavy.
-My sweet boy, so horny for me.
His only reply was a moan.
-Playing with your body and hearing you breathe heavily, moaning and squirming brings me great pleasure.
-To me too, Ma’am.
They sat quiet and enjoyed the moment, she in command and he submitting. Suddenly she grabbed his hair and pulled his head back so she could kiss his throat, his chin, his lips and finally invade his mouth with her tongue. She kissed him hard and long and all he could do was sit there and take it like a good boy.
-Very nice kissing boy, she said as she lifted her head.
-Thank you Ma’am.
-I’m going to make myself comfortable in your lap now, one leg on each side of you, with my face towards you. You arms are not allowed to touch me, keep them on the couch far away from us.
-Your words are my command, Ma’am.
She took her place in his lap, proceeded to firmly hold his face with both of her hands and kissed him again. More violently this time, making sure he knew she could use his mouth in which ever way she wanted.
-I could press my body downwards now, feeling your dick with my pussy, moving my lower body and rub your dick. Would you be hard for me if I did that now?
His gasp for air was answer enough.
-I could lean forward, making you feel my breasts against your chest. I could whisper naughty stuff in your ear. I could lick your ear. Run my tongue on the outside, all the way from the top to the end. Would you like that boy?
-Oh yes Ma’am!
-Beg me.
-Please Ma’am. You turn me on so much, I love being yours, being used, being commanded, feeling your strength, your body, you using me. Please use my body, make me hot and horny for you, please Ma’am!
-Nice begging boy. I love that begging voice you have, gives me goose bumps. ”Feeling my strength” you say. I want to hear what you want me to do. Tell me.
-Command me. Allow me to obey, to submit. Allow me to please you. And, mostly, tell me that I have pleased you. There is no greater joy than hearing ”Good boy”. Knowing that I did a good job, that I made you happy and that I pleased you is the perfect reward. All I want is to obey you, and make you happy.
-And the perfect punishment is to not be a good boy I take it.
-I hope I will never deserve that.
-Nothing squirms as good as a boy that missed out on a reward. And squirming boys is one of my favorite toys.
-I will do my best to serve you properly, Ma’am.
-I know that. But say for example you made a fault. You didn’t please me.
-Yes Ma’am?
-I would undress you, tie you to the bed with arms and legs spread out and then leave you in the darkness to consider your faults. I imagine that by the time I get back you will have some serious begging for forgiveness to do.
-I would be lying on my knees, kissing your legs and feet, begging and crying.
-Ma’am! Sorry Ma’am, I forgot.
-Don’t worry boy. Just don’t let it become a habit.
-It won’t Ma’am.
She continued to tease, touch and lick him but after a while she leaned back a bit and removed her shirt and bra and her delicious breasts came in view to her boy. They were right in front of his faces, her nipples pointed at him and he couldn’t takes his eyes of them, his hands were shivering as he had to force them down, not to touch the forbidden fruit. In the corner of his eye he saw her right hand going down into her pants and his eyes rushed down, passing her stomach and stopping in the crotch. He could see her hand moving under the pants and feel her smell. All his willpower was required not to touch her.
-Remember your hands boy, don’t move them.
-No Ma’am.
She sat in his lap, stroked her pussy, moaned and shivered and drove him crazy until she exploded in an orgasm that finally pushed him to misbehave. He couldn’t resist her body anymore so he put his hand on her waist while the orgasm made her body shake. Supporting her and following every expression in her face. And when she finally collapsed against his chest he hugged her.
-Now you’ve gone and misbehaved boy.
-Yes Ma’am. I know. It was worth it.
He smiled.

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